10 Funniest and Most Revealing Journeys From ‘Conan Without Borders’


After 28 years of entertaining viewers with his quirky, self-deprecating sense of humor, Conan O’Brien has quit his late-night TBS show. coconut in 2021 to pursue a new weekly show on HBO Max. Fans of O’Brien might miss seeing his fun and expressive interactions with his guests, thankfully the distinctive red-haired comedian’s antics can be accessed via a range of streaming platforms.

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Speaking of HBO Max, conan without borders there also airs a show that takes O’Brien to different parts of the globe as he immerses himself in different cultures addresses taboo subjects and airs his unique setup of buffoonery.

Korea (season 6, episode 69)

When it comes to political disputes between South Korea and North Korea, O’Brien certainly hasn’t been shy about addressing this contentious issue… by hosting a new talk show in North Korea with his friend/ actor Steven Yeun. O’Brien’s natural chemistry with Yeun is palpable not only during their visit up north, but also when they collaborated on a K-Pop song and debuted O’Briend’s original “string dance” with JYPark by JYP Entertainment.

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In addition to traveling with Yeun, Conan also went solo as he visited a local PC Bang where he dined on silkworm snacks as a guest on a South Korean soap opera. Another happy endingand even bought a pet octopus at the infamous Noryangjin Fish Market.


The Republic of Ghana (Season 9, Episode 102)

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a coffin custom made to look like you? Well, Conan O’Brien got his from Paa Joe Coffin in Ghana. The Republic of Ghana is a country located in West Africa brimming with multi-ethnicity and diverse cultures, as evidenced by the style of dress of the citizens and the beautifully hand-drawn movie posters by a local artist visited by O’Brien.

Similar to his trip to Korea, O’Brien got the chance to show off his “string dance” again when he caught the eye of Ghanaian Afro-pop star Kuami Eugene in his music video – “For Love”. From exploring Makola Market with actor Sam Richardson to meeting Ashanti royalty, O’Brien never fails to impress locals with his spontaneity and friendliness.

The Republic of Cuba (Season 5, Episode 56)

Best known for his cigars, rum and salsa, Conan O’Brien seized the opportunity by visiting Cuba to channel his inner Tony Montana. Also, stopping at the Havana Club Rum Museum to indulge his penchant for a sweet hootch, O’Brien developed his dancing skills by learning the art of salsa in addition to spouting nonsense lyrics during his attempt to join. a Cuban salsa band.

O’Brien’s transparent enthusiasm for learning about Cuban culture not only garnered plenty of laughs from locals, but he also managed to garner their concerns about his dodgy freckles and fondness for the fro-yo.

Japan (season 8, episode 117)

Conan O’Brien’s journey to Japan began when he discovered that he was not Japan’s most famous “Conan”, but rather popular manga and anime character Detective Conan is. Armed with a mission to collect 3 trillion yen compensation from the mayor of “Conan Town”, O’Brien not only became “mayor du jour”, but immersed himself in Japanese culture by exploring the fashion of Harajuku and renting a “family”.

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With a surprise appearance from frequent Conan remotes patron Jordan Schlansky, the dynamic duo shared a Kaiseki meal where Schlansky uncovered some shocking secrets about the movie. The Karate Kid Part 2. Additionally, Schlansky’s obsession with one of his body parts was revealed during their visit to the Toto Toilet Showroom.

Armenia (season 6, episode 6)

With her personal assistant Sona Movsesian, the trip to Armenia marks one of the Conan without bordersthe most poignant episodes. The show paid tribute to Armenians when Movsesian visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide in the 20th century.

On the light side, O’Brien, as the first late-night American entertainer to lead a show in Armenia, found himself folk dancing at the Garni Temple. He also became a sheep farmer while Movsesian recounts the highlights of The single person as well as eating rugs made from organic material while shopping for his family.

Australia (season 9, episode 38)

The next Conan O’Brien country he visited loves accadaccas, loves breakfasts and calls budgies underwear smugglers. After receiving a somewhat threatening message from the Australian star Hugh JackmanConan O’Brien finally took a trip to The Land Down Under.

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From The Australian Bush to Sydney’s Bondi Beach, O’Brien fought vehemently against sunlight and deadly animals like spiders and falling fruit, even offering a sleeping koala pizza instead of eucalyptus for fight against drowsiness.

Haiti (season 8, episode 29)

In 2018, former U.S. President Donald Trump made offensive comments about the Haitian people, which led to rising tensions between the United States and Haiti. Conan O’Brien visited Haiti during a turbulent time and despite a rocky start, he showed locals how not all Americans are like Trump and showcased the beauty of Haiti and its people to viewers.

One of the most heartwarming moments of the trip occurred when O’Brien passed through a Haitian elementary school. Not only did the talk show host allow the students to braid his hair and “drum” with him before O’Brien said a heartfelt goodbye to him, but the students also looked genuinely happy. after meeting Conan, a little girl even happily declaring that she would become a worthy President of the United States one day.

Mexico (season 7, episode 51)

Another country that Trump criticized for no other plausible reason than to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. It’s up to O’Brien again to restore the peace by hosting a new talk show in Mexico. Impressing audiences with his monologue delivered entirely in Spanish, O’Brien continued to entertain the crowd with his cooking skills and a hilarious appearance as a romantic cheesemonger on the Mexican Telenovela. My Adorable Maldicion.

O’Brien’s longtime talk show sidekick Andy Richter even made a brief appearance when the two became tag team partners in a Mexican wrestling match. For sports fanatics, who can forget when Mexican sports superstar Giovani dos Santos showed up and started playing futbol with the community.

Berlin (season 5, episode 5)

With the help of German actor Flula Borg, Conan O’Brien found himself in Berlin as he engaged in various activities that any typical tourist would do. From relatively innocuous acts like driving a BMW Autobahn while picking up fast food and meeting “Sting” at a nude beach with Borg, to radically adventurous activities like being disciplined by a dominatrix and almost getting slaughtered by a sausage meister.

O’Brien even stumbles upon a “super-fan” who drove 3 hours from Bavaria to show the talk show personality a long list of mistakes the fan found on the Conan show.

Italy (season 8, episode 58)

What happens when one of the best late-night talk show hosts and his possibly alien associate producer go on a trip to Italy? Fan favorite Jordan Schlansky has always been the subject of mockery from O’Brien and this trip was no exception.

To name a few, O’Brien insults Schlansky’s favorite Italian restaurant, belittles Schlansky’s knowledge of espresso after over-drinking coffee, and even mocks the producer. Joker-Selfie-esque style. At least Schlansky received a gift from O’Brien in the form of a parking space in the former’s favorite town of Cortona.

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