Delicious Party Precure Reveals Character Visuals, Vocal Cast, and OP / ED Performers


Toei Animation updated the official website of Delicious Party Precure, the 19th upcoming television series in the long-running Precure Magical Girl franchise, revealing visuals for its characters, three lead voice actors, and performers for the OP / ED theme song.

Shortly after the broadcast of the last 43rd episode of the ongoing 18th series Tropical-Red! Precurate in Japan this morning, the first trailer for the new series narrated by Hana Nishikawa (Yui Nagomi / Cure Precious) also aired and then posted to the official Precure franchise YouTube channel.

Key visual:

Delicious Party Precure is scheduled to premiere in Japan on February 6, 2022. Its motif is “Gohan” (meal), and its themes are “Thank you feel” and “Joy of sharing”, and the keyword is “Gohan wa Smile” (A meal is a smile). Her story takes place in the city of Oishiina, a wonderful city where delicious food from all over the world congregates, and portrays the new activities of the Precure Girls to protect everyone’s “delicious smile”.

Toshinori Fukasawa (A PIECE director of the series in 2014-2019) is director of the series, alongside the writer of the series composition Sawako hirabayashi (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) and character creator Kyoko Yufu (Seirei Gensouki: Chronicles of spirits).

Main voice distribution:

Following the lawsuit Tropical-Red! Precurate, Machico will sing the OP theme song “Cheers! Delicious Party Precure ”, and Chihaya yoshitake will sing the ED theme song “Delicious HAPPY DAYS ♪” The single CD comprising the two songs will be released on March 30, 2022.

“Cheers! Delicious Party Precure” Overview:


Chihaya Yoshitake:

Source: “Delicious Party Precure Official Site, Wonderful press release

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