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Good credit has many characteristics. Perhaps the first of these is to make the process of borrowing itself as smooth as possible. As Oscar says, “let’s be expeditious, which is quick and effective.” Then let’s see what we need to do to get our credit quicker!

The first step is credit pre-qualification

The first step is credit pre-qualification

An inevitable opportunity ahead of us is a secure and quick credit pre-qualification. This is a process where we are asked for all the personal information we need when taking out a loan. No real estate yet. However, we know exactly how much credit we can borrow , how much credit we should choose.

In fact, these data are stored by banks for up to 6 months. This makes it absolutely clear that we are gaining time and gaining security.


The second step is the help of professionals

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We recommend that you seek the help of professionals in both borrowing and real estate search. Consider the amount of experience and knowledge they have, which now drives the water to our mills. If someone hasn’t worked in the kitchen in their lifetime, we won’t send you in for a three-course lunch now. We ask for help, and remember, it won’t be more expensive for us to get a loan through a credit expert.

The third step, if possible, is to choose a consumer friendly loan

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In short, you need to know about Qualified Consumer Loans that you have to meet the MNB’s stringent requirements in order to receive this certification. That is, only the best of the good deserve it. What is important to us now in terms of efficiency and speed is that there are a couple of criteria that apply to the speed of credit assessment. These are:

  • The payout deadline is 2 business days after the fulfillment of the payout conditions.
  • The credit assessment deadline is a maximum of 15 business days from the availability of the valuation.

In addition to being fast, it is definitely one of the cheap loans.

In summary, if you follow these 3 steps, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. Contact us for more great ideas and tips! Good credit can also be improved. ?

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