Halsey Says Bad Bunny Collaboration “Has Been Discussed”


Halsey often uses social media to connect with fans, and recently on Twitter, the singer-songwriter hinted that a Bad Bunny collaboration may be in the works. The reveal came as Halsey chatted with fans on Twitter about her past pregnancy cravings and Spanish skills.

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Halsey told fans that a Bad Bunny collaboration “has been discussed”

On January 6, Halsey told fans about one of their pregnancy cravings. After that, the singer shared a tweet in Spanish.

“First of all… chilaquiles estan mojados! no esta seco! y también delicioso. mi nachos fue sad… okay? Halsey wrote on Twitter.

After that, Halsey discussed different types of food with fans, leading a fan to ask about Halsey’s Spanish skills.

“A. I can’t write for s – t B. I read and understand very well for some reason,” Halsey told the fan according to Billboard. “C. My speaking has improved dramatically. survived my last trip to mexico wondering if i was a native D speaker. They completely realized i am not once i tried to explain myself lol.

A fan then asked Halsey to collaborate with Bad Bunny and, according to Billboard, Halsey responded on Twitter, “Honestly? This has been discussed.

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Halsey collaborated with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross to do “If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power”

While there is no further news of Halsey’s collaboration with Bad Bunny, this wouldn’t be the singer-songwriter’s first high-profile collaboration.

As an artist, Halsey has worked with BTS, G-Eazy, and Khalid. On Halsey’s 2020 album maniacalBTS, Dominic Fike, Alanis Morissette and Suga are all star artists.

Halsey released her fourth studio album If I can’t have love I want power in August 2021. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails produced the album.

If I can’t have love I want power is a concept album focused on Halsey’s experience with pregnancy and motherhood, and Halsey also released an IMAX film of the same name with songs from the album.

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Halsey is nominated for a Grammy Award for “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”

At the upcoming 2022 Grammy Awards, Halsey received a nomination for Best Alternative Music Album for If I can’t have love I want power.

She is nominated alongside Bank by Fleet Foxes, Japanese Breakfast Jubilee, collapsed in the rays of the sun from Arlo Parks and Daddy’s Home in St. Vincent.

“iichliwp was never meant to be a hit album, it’s a passionate project, and what a passion it really is to feel that love at a time when I couldn’t share it with you in person. The high wears off as fast as it appears. This love? This pride? It will last, “Halsey wrote of the album on Twitter.

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