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Thanks for Venom – We checked out Deep Ellum’s new hot topic inspired bar and tried some of their themed drinks.

With Emo Nite having just celebrated its fifth year, the When We Were Young music festival, the reunion of My Chemical Romance and the explosion of Y2k culture and emo rap, emo has proven that it is not really never a phase after all.

Among this emo renaissance is Shot Topic, the new bar on Crowdus Street in Deep Ellum that serves up shots, pop punk anthems and all the angst-ridden vibes that come with hating your small town and your parents. Paying homage to Hot Topic, the inspiration doesn’t stop at the small name – inside you’ll find a wall of amps, instrument decor, TVs playing the best emo clips and a wall of t- shirts, some of which are those of the bar. own merch made to look like pop punk album covers. And of course, there’s the drinks menu, which is full of specially curated shots that take inspiration from all our favorite songs from the emo golden age.

Your favorite Central Track editors, Frances Tingle and Stephanie Salas-Vega, headed over to Shot Topic to soak up the vibe, try out some shots, and google all the emo music videos they’ve released just to get the hang of it. reminisce.

Here are our 2 cents on five of the nine specialty drinks we tried (and could manage).

The taste of ink

Named after The Used’s biggest hit, this dark drink has garnered the most attention online. It’s made with limoncello, triple sec, lemon-infused simple syrup, and edible sprinkles and is served in a skull-shaped shot glass.

Definitely lemony (a real alcohol connoisseur here.) It tasted a bit like air freshener, but, like, in a good way and it was easy to drink. Stephanie said it tasted like leftover milk from a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Air freshener and leftover milk probably aren’t the best way to sell this drink, but trust us, we loved it. Be warned – it will stain your lips a bit black if you drink it. — Frances Tingle

Definitely don’t order a bunch of these if you’re on a date! But give it a try at least once because it’s really tasty and Instagram-y. — Stephanie Salas-Vega


Inspired by Nirvana’s “Lithium” (or maybe Evanescence?), this one is composed of Deep Eddy Lime, melon and Sprite.

I have to order Deep Eddy Lime with Sprite at every bar I go to, so I guess you can say it’s kind of ‘my drink’. When we say this one has a hint of melon, I was like, ‘Damn, gotta try this one for sure.’ The drink was a bright green color that almost looked like some kind of chemical. However, it was not toxic waste. In fact, it was probably our favorite drink of the night and I would have ordered five more if I could. — SSV

I am okay! It was my favorite. It’s very sweet but in a nice way, not in a sickly way. It tastes just like those little Japanese melon hard candies and I wouldn’t call it alcoholic. As someone who can’t drink anything strong tasting without cringing, this is perfect. — FT

How old am I again?

Part of the Blink-182 song’s theme of refusing to grow up, this drink features Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey and Blueberry Red Bull, giving PB&Js a grown-up spin.

Another indication of the weakness of our pallets, we guessed coffee and chocolate after our first sip. But once we Googled what a Skrewball was, the peanut butter flavor became unmistakable. The Blueberry Red Bull was a bit lost for me – it was purely peanut butter town. Stephanie ordered this drink but didn’t smell it so I took it off and although she wasn’t a fan I was ok with it – especially since it’s a nice escape from the mostly fruity menu . — FT

No, never again. While drinking Peanut Butter?! Are you doing OK ? ! — SSV

A dirty little secret

Keeping it simple, this shot features a chilled Crown apple and a splash of cranberry juice. It’s as All American (Rejects) as apple pie.

Except that it was served rather warm at that time. Just the scent reminded me of that Mexican Manzanita Sol apple soda, so, I have to say, I really enjoyed this one. It’s not as refreshing as a Manzanita Sol, but it’s worth ordering it at least once. Apparently, we may have had it more than once… — SSV

Yeah! The first drink I ordered was The Spaceman, which features Western Son Blueberry, peach schnapps, acid, sprite, and edible glitter, and I was extremely excited. The bartender mistakenly swapped it with another Dirty Little Secret customer, so for a good five minutes we wondered why this blueberry-peach-lemon-lime concoction tasted so overwhelmingly apple. — FT

The first punch

Rally around fans of Pierce The Veil, this drink is made with Jim Beam, peach schnapps and Hawaiian pineapple punch – an unexpectedly fruity rendition of the nerve-wracking tune of the same name.

As a hoe for cocktails with tropical flavors, I was excited to try this one. It smelled amazing, like a Bath and Body Works, and the taste wasn’t too far off either because, boy, does it taste way stronger than it smells. This is alcohol, so yes, it will taste a bit of perfume. While it’s been a bit punch you in the chest, there’s also a ton of softness, maybe a little too much, so it was a little unbalanced. If you like drinks that are super sweet (followed by bitterness), this might be for you. — FT

Overall we think it was a pretty neat place with a smart concept. There was a wall full of emo nostalgia that had us talking about our emo phases (or lifestyles, actually), the hot summers of Warped Tour and the best Panic! To the album Disco Ever. It was quite fun! We agreed it should be bigger with its decor to match the utter chaos that Hot Topic was in the early 2000s, but we recognize it’s still a new bar so we’ll give it a not much time.

Would we go back for those dodgy hot specialty drinks? Hmm, maybe not on purpose – it reminded us of drinking our hidden, unchilled alcohol as teenagers, which is very much in keeping with the concept of the bar! But the music is great and the staff was very nice.

To quote one of our Central Track contributors, Eduardo Martinez, who was also there: “They turned Emo Nite into a bar.”

They absolutely did.

Cover photo by Stéphanie Salas-Vega.

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