Jake Roberts: ‘I don’t like Japanese audiences at all’



In the last episode of DDP Snake Pit podcast, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page and AEW’s Jake Roberts talked about working for different crowds all over the world.

Both have spoken about working in Japan, with Roberts revealing he’s not a huge fan of Japanese audiences.

“Yeah, they’re different,” Roberts said. “I don’t like the Japanese public at all, man. They’re very reserved. You go out and break your ass, you want some kind of reaction from these people. But they’re very reserved and very attuned. inside. And you could have (sound of applause) and that’s it. ‘Now wait a minute, come on! Is that it?’ I believe I was battling Boss Man (when it happened), I think.

DDP was much more fond of Japanese crowds, however, recalling a positive reaction he got while touring Japan with WWE in 2002. DDP also pointed to what he believes has been an evolution of Japanese talent since that time. era, and they combined their style with in-ring storytelling.

“What’s interesting about this is it just shows you what American culture and struggle is about, how it changes the way people are,” DDP said. “We were there in 2002, WWE, and I was on that card. And Shane McMahon, he was coordinating this whole trip. And I had seen all the silent applause and the “oooh” and no big pops.

“Well, now here we are, and I’m hearing what sounds like, kinda like what our crowds would be. And we went over there and I said, ‘hey, on the way, Shane, let- me do my thing. Let me come out and get the mic and see what people are doing. And he’s like, ‘sure, go for it’. I went in there and they hit all the slogans, ‘this is not a bad thing, it is a good thing.’ I was like, ‘wow. They know those words.

“You would think they don’t speak English. They could speak it. It’s like learning a song. And really, that has changed a lot over the years. It was another 20 years ago. Today, and I look at the way some of their guys work today, they’re still stiff as hell. But these guys, they also tell stories, their stories.

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