Japanese cover of Moonstar88’s “Migraine” goes viral


MANILA, Philippines — A Japanese cover of Filipino rock band Moonstar88’s hit song “Migraine” has been doing the rounds on social media and racking up millions of views.

The Japanese version of Ken & Miyuki’s song caught the attention of social media users when they uploaded videos from their Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Miyuki is Filipino but sang the Japanese lyrics as if “Migraine” was taken from an anime. Ken, half-Japanese, was behind the guitar and bass.

The lyrics are more or less a direct translation of the original Filipino words, but towards the end, Miyuki concludes with the iconic “nahihilo, nalilito”.

As of writing, the Facebook video has over five million views, 471,000 reactions and 10,000 comments while the YouTube video has reached 122,000 views and 16,000 likes.

Moonstar88 showed their support for the cover by commenting on a crying and clapping emoji on the Facebook video, to which Ken and Miyuki responded with thank you and love emojis.

The Filipino band shared the cover video on their own Facebook page and in a separate post wrote the lyrics “Kura-kura, Guru-guru”, the beginning of the chorus which was “nahihilo, nalilito” but roughly translates to ” I’m dizzy, everything is spinning.”

Now based in the Philippines, duo Ken & Miyuki have covered other Filipino songs in Japanese like This Band’s “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” and SB19’s “Mapa”.

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