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Because we can slip through so many places during a borrowing, we thought we were writing a schedule that, if followed closely, would minimize the risk of error. This, of course, means that we can move into the real estate of our dreams sooner . When you’re done, let’s get started!

Credit pre-qualification


Already the moment we decide we want an apartment worth taking a bite out and make a credit pre-qualification. We provide our personal documents, proof of income, and bank forms. We do the same thing as asking for a loan for a particular property, except that there is no real estate. ?

However, what we are sure to know is how much credit we can borrow. This will make it easier for you to find real estate that meets your needs and get the right credit. Plus, these calculations will be accepted by the banks later, saving you time.

About real estate


Finding the home of our dreams is the most difficult task. If this is the case, then we just have to write a good sales contract and send it to the bank . Attached to the appropriate bank forms, the income matters have already been settled. ?

From now on, all we have to do is wait for the credit assessment, an important part of which is valuing the property. If all goes well, we can go to the bank and we are just a step away from having the real estate we look for.

Note: The bank may ask for additional documents at any time during the credit assessment, although this is rarely the case.

Contract and disbursement


Everything was okay and we could go to the bank to sign the loan agreement and the notarial deed. This also has a cost, remember! But we really got to the finish line. After signing the papers, our primary task is to go to the competent land office and arrange the mortgage registration. In addition, home insurance should also be assigned to the bank.

As these have been solved there’s really nothing else like it in wait 2-5 days until the bank paid us precisely the account of the seller of credit. And the move, the furnishing of the new home, could come.

Although described as simple, the process rarely happens in reality to say the truth. If you think, contact us and we will help you to overcome as few obstacles as you can!

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