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In addition to the shocking recent death of a character, the Rust-Eater Bisco anime reveals surprising depth with a simple but important “I love you.”

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Rust-Eater Bisco Season 1, Episode 9, “I Love You,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Episode 9 of Rust Eater Bisco shocked viewers unfamiliar with the source material after killing off its titular lead. While many might have expected a character to die, Bisco was not high on the list. Along with subverting fan expectations with Bisco’s death, this episode made another massive reveal. Since their first on-screen interactions, some have speculated about the depth of Bisco and Milo’s relationship. A line from Episode 9 all but confirmed that their relationship is anything but ordinary.

In their final moments together, Milo tells Bisco that he loves her again and again, out loud and to himself. In English, love has many connotations. Someone can be loved as a family member, friend, romantic partner, or in some other way. It can easily be misinterpreted as such when the speaker really hears another. In Japanese, however, there is one sentence that leaves no room for questioning speaker intent: Aishiteru.

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Rust Eater Bisco I love you

Written as 愛してる in Japanese, “Aishiteru” has an extremely romantic connotation. In fact, it implies that the relationship is not only romantic but very serious. The term is used for a love so deep that even couples who have been married for years have not told each other and may never do so until one is on their deathbed.

The word is more commonly used in songs, movies, and other forms of media, but even then it is widely used in a romantic setting. Another well-known example from anime is in Neon Genesis Evangelion, when Kaworu tells Shinji he loves him using “Aishiteru” in episode 24. There’s a lot of talk around that line, even within the show itself. In the original version of evangelization, Shinji returns Kaworu’s feelings – and that fact is used against him. In another version, Shinji doesn’t reciprocate and avoids falling into the trap he did in the original. When translated into English, a single voiceover allows Kaworu to say “I love you” to Shinji. No matter the iteration though, Kaworu says “Aishiteru” in the Japanese dub.

Shinji and Kaworu’s relationship is considered fan code gay due to their interactions, especially this line. The same can be said for Milo and Bisco. From their first meeting, Rust Eater Bisco used a number of tricks to imply that their chemistry is more than platonic. Even when opportunities to be with women arise, the only emotion they express is embarrassment. The two are fiercely protective of each other, to the point where they are willing to leave their partner behind and face what lies ahead alone. Bisco and Milo think it’s better for only one of them to risk his life, but the other always comes running.

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Rust Eater Bisco Milo Bisco Close

Most of this is subtext – especially as the story pushes Pawoo as Bisco’s love interest – but Episode 9 has more than the previous eight combined. In his dream at the very beginning, Milo focuses more on Bisco than Jabi or even Pawoo. When he wakes up, it’s thanks to Bisco tending to his wounds. They hold hands as Bisco speaks softly to him and Milo seems panicked that one of them will die. Even so, Bisco leaves alone to protect Milo.

Bisco and Milo have arguably the deepest relationship between two characters in Rust Eater Bisco, and this is supported by the vision of the creator. Shinji Cobuko, the author of the original light novels, prioritizes the theme of love in his work despite the series being an action adventure. In an interview with Anime News Network, he says, “When humans decide to put their lives on the line to deal with something, I think that’s their brightest and most beautiful moment. I call it” love”, and from the bottom of my heart…” Cobuko wants to explore love and all its forms in his work, so fans can expect Rust Eater Bisco to further develop “Aishiteru”.

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