Romancing SaGa is finally coming to Europe 30 years after its release in Japan


Square Enix officially brings Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song to Europe 30 years after its release in Japan.

The classic JRPG was originally released on SNES in Japan, but was later remade for PS2 and released in North America. This remake version is now remastered for modern systems and is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile this winter, marking the game’s first official release in Europe since the original launch in 1992.

Minstrel Song follows eight different characters as they travel through the land of Mardias and the remaster includes improved graphics, new quality of life features to make the game more comfortable, and even new gameplay elements.

Romancing SaGa – Minstrel Song Remastered Screenshots

The “Glimmer” and “Combo” systems from previous games will also be in Minstrel Song Remastered alongside new artwork and a soundtrack by composer Kenji Ito.

A trailer on Square Enix’s YouTube channel also shows off two minutes of gameplay and cutscenes from the game, giving fans a peek and a listen to the aforementioned graphics, art, and music.

In our 6/10 review of the remake, IGN said, “Fans of the SaGA series will be thrilled with the countless hours of gameplay, endless replay value, and vast array of choices at their fingertips, while new newcomers will likely be overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of direction and character development.”

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