Tortoise, The Linda Lindas, L’Rain, Cymande, Hollie Cook, more


Pop Montreal announced its 2022 edition, which will take place from September 28 to October 2 in venues across the city. The initial range includes Tortoise, The Linda Lindas, Martha Wainwright, Cymande, Julie Doiron, Hollie Cook, Born Ruffians, L’Rain, Sister Nancy, Medicine Singers, Water From Your Eyes, Jonathan Nobody (Corridor), Jay Wood, Jane Inc, Allison Russelland more.

Check out the full initial lineup announcement, along with the official Pop Montreal 2022 playlist, below.

Passes for Pop Montreal are on sale now. If you’ve never been there, late summer is a great time to be in Montreal, and the festival always has a good balance between established names, while emphasizing emerging artists and the the city’s ever-vibrant music scene.

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(artist descriptions by Pop Montreal)
Allison Russell grammy nominated, juno award winning roots queen
Tortoise post rock legends
The Lindas Lindas the greatness of punk rock
Martha Wainwright Outremont’s coolest mom
Cymande the most influential funk band you’ve never heard of for the first time in Canada
Sister Nancy 80s dancehall queen
Ata Kak Icon of Ghanaian electro rap
Priyanka Winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race!
Haru Nemuri JPOP meets shouto in the best way
Wayne Snow future innovator
Kali Malone avant-garde organist
medicine singers algonquin experimental powpow
Julie Doiron melodies and sappy hooks
Fuji|||||||||||ta japanese sound artist
Born Ruffians Canadian Titans of Alternative Rock
DJ clubs Presents War Club Live pow wow step, juno winner
Lydia Kepinski the coolest diva in outreach
baby avant-garde dance hall
The rain multi-instrumentalist songwriting genius
Mages Merlin the cindy lauper of r&b
The water from your eyes the coolest band you’ve ever seen
carolina uk minimalist post folk
Julien Sagot the coolest member of Karwka
Hollie Cook perfect vocal harmonies from the UK
TootArd Levantine Psyche Disco
fun partner funniest.fantastic.for real
Jonathan Person Corridor’s slick rock star
JayWood Winnipeg’s best singer since John K Samson
RobertRobert synth popular shots
gulfer the hardest working band on earth
Club Bibi soft, tender popular Montrealer.
Mallrat australian emocore
Jeanne Inc. bewitching voices and rhythms
wild black nice mix of R&B and dance music
patrick holland will immediately transport you to the early 1980s in the UK
pool blood words and harmonies that will inspire you
Larsen Bells brilliant lyricist and singer
Kxng Wooz Nova Scotia’s next big thing
Guardian E the vocal hooks are undeniable!
Shanii 22 the infection beats with an incredible rate
Jahmal Padmore gorgeous vocals over extremely catchy riffs
Scott Hardware layered and textured songs about the human condition
Sister Ray poetic, haunting, sad, glorious
Packages start Liz Phair, the very good things
Deanna Petcoff ridiculously catchy popular/rock
niabi The future Mile End dance hall
Kaya Hoax Montreal producer at Arca and Santigold
sham family post punk paradise

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